An update on our new Charts features

Our new Charts features are still in Beta testing and weren’t ready in time for the May 2018 release.  We’re working hard to get them ready and we’ll post an update when we have a confirmed release date!

Release Notes for release v 2.4.42

Version 2.4.42 was released on 30/5/2018.  If you have an enterprise license there may be a delay in you receiving this update as your IT team may need to separately manage your update. Shape and Color Sidebars NEW: Change all icon layouts to be in 2016 format – both Shapes and Color Sidebars NEW: Shape […]

New Charting functions are currently in testing!

Many of our customers have asked along the way about charting function shortcuts and features, particularly for Marimekko charts. We’re very happy to tell you that these new functions are currently undergoing alpha testing!  Once we are happy with the performance, the new release will initially be made available to all users with a license […]

Are these the ‘Cool Macros’?

PPT Productivity first made its appearance as ‘Cool Macros’ to consultants at Boston Consulting Group back in 2010.  We are occasionally contacted by former BCG consultants who are trying to track down the ‘Cool Macros’ tool.  We’re very happy to say that PPT Productivity Power Tools is indeed the new and improved version of Cool […]

Great article on creating an engaging PowerPoint Presentation

The ‘Psychotactics’ website has been recommended to us by an associate and it’s a very interesting read!  This article in particular grabbed my attention – an excellent overview of the key considerations in the ‘storyline’ side of creating great PowerPoint presentations. Can your Powerpoint Presentation Rival TV Advertising?

Power Tools Release Notes Catchup Nov 2016

We’ve overlooked updating release notes on our blog, so here’s a catch up of details for the last few releases: 2.4.1 on 23 December 2015 New:  – Added new functions to Decrease/Increase Line Weight to Shapes Toolbar Fixes  – Slide numbers now appear in the subject line when emailing selected slides  – Fixed download of […]

Power Tools Version 2.1.0 Released!

PPT Productivity is pleased to announce the next update in the Power Tools series, with Power Tools Version 2.1.0. Power Tools 2.1.0 features over 20 new features, as well as an upgrade on the last major feature released, the Colour Palette! Behind the scenes, there’s been a significant upgrade in speed and memory usage.To upgrade, […]

Power Tools Version 2.0.0 Released!

We’re very excited to announce the release of the next major update Power Tools, Power Tools 2.0. Power Tools has again been upgraded to include a new major feature of the Colour Palette, an expanded Shapes Gallery, no-admin install requirements, and many more minor feature upgrades. We’ve also redesigned the software architecture to improve speed and […]

Power Tools Version 1.3.4 Released!

Today, we’re excited to announce that more than 30 new time saving PPT Productivity features have just been released. Many of the new features have been requested by our user community and include: A new, feature-packed Shape toolbar Create and select from multiple Shape Galleries Add and find “sticky notes” Plus many more minor improvements […]