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Power Tools Version 2.1.0 Released!

PPT Productivity is pleased to announce the next update in the Power Tools series, with Power Tools Version 2.1.0. Power Tools 2.1.0 features over 20 new features, as well as an upgrade on the last major feature released, the Colour Palette! Behind the scenes, there’s been a significant upgrade in speed and memory usage.

To upgrade, simply head to

New Colour Palette

The new colour palette builds more functionality on top of the ever useful, one-click colour change tool. Now upgraded to be able to drag and drop colours, arranging and personalising your Colour Palette has never been easier! The added ability to resize icons lets you make Power Tools exactly how you like it.

Text box, margin and line functions

Lots of newly added functions to make working with text boxes much faster. Remove all text within text box, or merge two text boxes in a single click. Toggle the margins to fit that extra character in, or toggle the line style between dashed, solid, and back again, or toggle line thickness – all in one place with one click.

Save selected slides as PDF, Save selected slides as PDF and email

Ever needed to publish just a few slides from a large presentation? Now one click away – just select your slides required, and press “Save as PDF”, or “Email as PDF”, to save or save and email your slides!

‘Smart’ Bullets

Smart bullets now allows you to ‘read’ the bullet structure from the current Slide Master, meaning that any personal or company format or style guide can be adhered to perfectly. Just press one button, and the bullet settings become the ones you need for that presentation. Switching presentations to another style? No problem – just press the button again and Power Tools will pick up the new style! 

No fly zone

Put up a ‘no-fly-zone’ only you can see, to make sure you’re leaving appropriate margins for your presentation. No more slides with shapes and text crammed right to the very edge!

Memory improvements

We’re always working hard on the things that you can’t see – making our software ever more stable and lightweight on memory. Version 2.1.0 has a significant improvement on resources used – getting out of your way and ‘just working’.

 …and many more minor features

We’re always adding little minor features, like one click superscript toggle, creating basic shapes, regrouping previously grouped objects, to name a few. And we are always building more – so keep the feedback and requests coming to

Power Tools Version 2.0.0 Released!

We’re very excited to announce the release of the next major update Power Tools, Power Tools 2.0. Power Tools has again been upgraded to include a new major feature of the Colour Palette, an expanded Shapes Gallery, no-admin install requirements, and many more minor feature upgrades. We’ve also redesigned the software architecture to improve speed and stability.

Colour Palette

Colour Palette

Seamless colour changes with the Colour Palette. Changing fill colour, line colour and text colour are all now one click away, making it even easier to ensure consistency in corporate colours, as well as simply making sure your slides look great.

Expanded Shapes Gallery

Shapes Gallery2

The Shapes Gallery has been boosted with over twice as many pre-set shapes. These new shapes are based on tried and true top-tier management consulting designs for effective communication, including “Vertical Column” and “Horizontal Box” designs.

Improved speed and stability

We’ve been hard at work on our code architecture, streamlining and simplifying our software. You’ll never actually notice, and that’s how it should be. Our software is now even better at getting out of your way and ‘just working’, with improved speed and stability, and no admin restrictions for installation.

..and many more minor feature upgrades


You asked and we’ve delivered – we’ve packed in a few more minor feature upgrades, like the suite of Notes tools. Now you can quickly add a sticky note object to track commentary, and then quickly scroll through stickies to find you and your colleagues’ previous commentary. Finally, remove all stickies with one click right before going to print or sending. Perfect for big teams collaborating on the same presentation!

Thanks to you

As always, we’re working hard to make Power Tools the best Powerpoint productivity tool there is. We wouldn’t be able to make such a great product without the feedback of our users, to keep the feedback and feature requests coming anytime by emailing

Power Tools Version 1.3.4 Released!

Today, we’re excited to announce that more than 30 new time saving PPT Productivity features have just been released. Many of the new features have been requested by our user community and include:

  • A new, feature-packed Shape toolbar
  • Create and select from multiple Shape Galleries
  • Add and find “sticky notes”
  • Plus many more minor improvements

But we’re only getting started – there’s a stack of great new features on our 2014 product roadmap. If you have additional suggestions then let us know. From December 2013 we’ll begin releasing new features more often, rather than releasing large changes less regularly.

New Shape Toolbar


The Shape toolbar provides more than 30 frequently used Shape functions on the left of the PowerPoint screen, no matter which ribbon menu tab is selected.

  • Same size: height, width
  • Rescale: to any percent, down (90%), or up (110%)
  • Swap: horizontal and vertical, horizontal only, vertical only
  • Align horizontally: left, center, right
  • Align vertically: top, middle, bottom
  • Distribute: vertically, horizontally
  • Stack: vertically, horizontally
  • Expand and squeeze: vertically, horizontally
  • Remember and set: shape size/position, table size/position/columns widths
  • Send: to back, bring to front
  • Flip: horizontally, vertically
  • Rotate: clockwise, counter clockwise
  • Select same shapes: same color, same size



Multiple Shape Galleries

The Shape and Slide Gallery has been extended to allow you to use multiple Shape Galleries.

Great for corporates who need multiple PowerPoint templates or styles and consultants who need different formats for clients.

Click the new Change Gallery button at the bottom of the Shape Gallery to reveal the gallery list.

Create a new gallery by copying Shapes to a subfolder, where the Gallery name is the folder name.



Add or find sticky notes

Add notes to your slides to assist in reviews. New notes defaults user initials from the Office settings and today’s date.

Once you’ve added a note, easily find the next note in your presentation.

Plus many more improvements

There are plenty of other improvements in this release, including:

  • Splash screen removed on open (now only shows once after an installation or upgrade)
  • First level bullet no longer changes text to bold
  • Help and installation files moved off back to as dropbox is blocked in many organisations
  • Shapes Gallery location changed from C:UsersusernameAppdataRoaming to C:UsersPublicPublic Documents (files are moved for you) to make it easier for IT Admin to install your Shape Galleries
  • Four example Shape Galleries installed for new installations
  • Removed username and date field from the activation requirements
  • Hold down the Ctrl key when you tag a slide to display the full path for file