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Power Tools Release Notes Catchup Nov 2016

We’ve overlooked updating release notes on our blog, so here’s a catch up of details for the last few releases:

2.4.1 on 23 December 2015
 – Added new functions to Decrease/Increase Line Weight to Shapes Toolbar
 – Slide numbers now appear in the subject line when emailing selected slides
 – Fixed download of shapes for some users when internet connectivity problems were reported
 – Updated and tested for Windows 10 and Office 2016
2.3.1 5 on September 2015
 – Send to Appendix function – now available on Shapes toolbar
 – New configuration for bullets –  option for text font/color/bold/size to change (default = yes)
 – Set Bullets – same styles attributed can be set within a table
 – Allow users/administrators to turn off auto prompt when new versions are available
 – Paste mini-slide for Office 2013 users
 – Panes don’t disappear in slide sorter mode
 – Fix the Panes disappearing incorrectly – when you open a deck, and then the corporate gallery, then go to the deck and paste a Gallery Shape, the panes were disappearing.
 – Fix vertical text alignment so it works on table cells as well as shapes
 – Fix Remember Bullets – can now be done from the selected shape so you have greater control on how it looks, text format (Bold, font, color, size) now also set
 – Fixed the issue of the ‘missing tab’ with no name and only 3 buttons enabled. Error was in the my.settings file not being transferred correctly during the upgrade and ending up empty.
2.2.37 on 26 July 2015
 – Adjustable width of Shape Tools Taskpane – Can be set in the Settings
 – Change drop down for vertical Text alignment to one click rather than drop down with two clicks
 – Removed corporate gallery samples from installer and moved them to live update from Taskpane
 – Added the ticks/crosses config tab back, and allow a user to select any font, size, color bullet they want
 – Removed Mail merge function as not compatible with NetOffice
 – Click ‘x’ on taskpanes fixed so it remembers the setting when PPT restarts
 – Gallery shapes area now shows relative to other buttons so the filter for personal is not shown on top of the gallery in 2013